Orewa, Silverdale and Warkworth lawyers

Most people at some point of their lives have to hire a lawyer. This can be for a whole lot of different matters. Sometimes it can be for an enjoyable reason such as the purchase of a new home or buying a business. However, other times it is for less happy reasons such as a divorce or a dispute with your neighbours. Whatever the reason, we intend to make your dealings with lawyers as painless and expedient as possible while giving you the best legal advice for your situation.

This website is intended to give some thoughts about various aspects of law and common issues people face. The content of this site does not constitute legal opinion or advice. For that you should consult a lawyer.

Orewa real estate lawyer

Orewa property lawyer

Buying a house – image Stuart Miles

Perhaps the most frequent reason people hire a lawyer is for purchasing a new home. The property lawyer will help you through the tangle of legal documents that go with buying a house. This includes the Sale and Purchase Agreement which is your contract on the house, handling the mortgage documents from your lender, managing the transfer of the funds to the other party’s solicitor and filing the change in Title at the LINZ office.

Given the Kiwi love of real estate investing, lawyers are heavily involved in this aspect for both residential real estate investing and for commercial property investment. The issues surrounding commercial real estate are far more complex than buying a rental property. The contract is likely to be more complex than a simple house let as it will need to include requirements for tenants, leases documents as well as the mortgage documentation. If you are at all interested in commercial real estate investing then you must talk to a commercial property lawyer before you go down the track. This will save you a lot of time and perhaps wasted expense.

Silverdale commercial lawyer

Also in the commercial world, people often look to buy or sell a business. Again you will need to hire a commercial lawyer for Orewa or the other Hibiscus Coast towns. There are many different issues relating to the transfer of a business. You need an employment lawyer for issues about any staff including Employment Agreements or contracts, a commercial lawyer for issues about contracts with suppliers as well as the sales and purchase of the business itself.

Warkworth lawyer for wills, trust and estates   

Another common call on law firms is for matters relating to the broad area of estates. This can include setting up a family trust and drafting a will. These are issues that many people need and everyone should have a will drawn up. It saves a lot of trouble after a person passes away.

If you are setting up a Family Trust you will need to have the Trust Deed drawn up and also have any assets legally transferred to that Trust. This must be carried out by a trust lawyer serving the Orewa area.

Dispute resolution lawyer

Unfortunately, people get involved in disputes of one sort or another. These can be relatively simple such as a boundary dispute or more challenging issues like alleged breaches of contract. Whatever the issue, they are always annoying at best and generally cause a lot of distress and if they are not addressed can lead to expensive outcomes. A dispute resolution lawyer for Silverdale and surrounding areas can help if you have any arguments with neighbours or companies you deal with.

Warkworth divorce lawyer

Matrimonial separation more commonly known as divorce is another major cause for people to engage a solicitor. While the relationship property laws themselves are clear the handling of the change in ownership and the formal division of relationship property must be handled by a lawyer.

Divorce may also include child custody and support matters to. Again, the laws are relatively clear but the paperwork needs to be properly dealt with and people still need advice on child custody.

James Turner -Dispute resolution lawyer

James Turner -Dispute resolution lawyer

Hiring a law firm for Warkworth, Silverdale or Orewa

Most legal matters can be resolved by addressing them sooner rather than later. So do not let issues fester. Instead look for a law firm for Warkworth or the other Hibiscus Coast areas.

McVeagh Fleming and Partners has a staff of qualified lawyers who can handle any of your legal issues. If you are having any problems, be sure to contact them for sound legal advice.